Looking Glass

Get a short look into the heart of c0mpic.

Sometimes we get the question how “anonym” is anonymous image hosting on c0mpic – well, here is the answer 🙂

At first we modified the hosting script to not log any IP Address for uploaded images in the file logs, lets take a short look into the database log table of the hosting script:

mmh_file_logs database table view

The view in the admin panel of c0mpic shows the same:

admin panel log view

But wait, what if I have an user account?

Creating an user account requires additional information: username, email address and a chosen password. In addition to this, an IP Address is needed for the login session. In this case we use the IP address of the current front end web-server for the session, for enhancing the user privacy:

admin panel user list view

Why are we doing this?

Everyday more and more information’s about each of us gets logged and calculated, every single order in shops are some hours later the advertisements of tomorrow on many pages. Why should we collect more information’s as necessary?

Yes, providing a kind of freedom sometimes lead to abusive behaviors, but we take every single abuse message serious and delete content which is against laws or our ToS. At the same time we got the experience that people which upload unwanted content are hiding behind a proxy or Tor services. So it wouldn’t change anything, to start logging – it would just be a disadvantage for “normal” users. Independent of that we reserve the right to temporary activate the logging, in case of mass uploads of content which violates against our ToS.

A big main feature of the next c0mpic release is a blacklist, which will disallow file uploads of blacklisted images. This is a missing feature in the current mmh script.