C0mpic started in February 2009 as a sub project of the c0mmunity.org board – the ideas was to easily share images with others in the board or on other sites. The goal is not in getting a big image hoster, its more about being a free premium hoster which respects the valuable privacy of their users without logging and trackers.


  • 05. February 2009: first images was uploaded to hosting.c0mmunity.org
  • 2011-2013: additional domain c0mage.eu
  • ~ 2012: Mihalism Multi Host Script EOL
  • October 2014 – November 2020: new domain c0mpic.me (renewed from nov 2020 – nov 2021)
  • since November 2020: new domain c0mic.com (all older domains are redirecting to the new one)
  • In July 2021 we are hosting 6,456 images