What happens to abuse mails?

The daily amount of received abuse messages is getting bigger. We do not reply to them, but we check every single submitted URL and every case gets an own decision. Almost 95% of reported images are getting deleted within 24 hours. We offer privacy, but we still have a zero tolerance policy against images, which violates against our rules.

Some Mail examples, if you are interested in:

Example #1
Example #2


New Blog features added


On the right site of the blog you can now see the live status of the c0mpic image-hosting service. A green arrow for everything is up and a red cross, if the service is down.

I also updated the “Looking Glass” page – there might be some interesting informations for you 🙂

Btw. on this blog we provide similar privacy settings for you. The access log of the web-server is disabled for this domain and if you post a comment, we do not log your IP address, mail address or User-agent. It is not required to enter an username or mail address for posting comments here.

Have a nice day!

Hello world!

Welcome to the official c0mpic.com Blog.

This project started at February 2009 and is still active, so why not creating a blog to give you more information’s about the site? The main focus is still on easy, fast and anonymous image hosting. At the same time we have a zero tolerance policy against images, which violates against our rules.

Currently I’m working on a V2 of c0mpic, which was already announced 7 years ago – its nothing which has to be done as soon as possible, because the old hosting script is still working good, but its a nice to have 🙂 I think I’ll share some features here.

Since we had several downtime’s in the past, I’ll also keep you updated here about new announcements, features or (additional) downtime’s.